Young Buck - For The Low

For The Low Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
You ever woke up with a penny went to sleep with a million?
Told your partner you'd kill him if he didn't split what's in the ceilin'
Just if you know the feelin' when all your niggas is winnin'
You don't know who pretendin' when everybody is grinnin'
My preacher ask me what I been doin' I told him just sinnin'
Tell my girl I been faithful but I'm fuckin' off with these women
Really I'm runnin' out of patience with the way that I'm livin'
Pounds need to be bagged, birds need to be driven
I'm takin' anything I want and I ain't askin' permission
Chargin' 30 makin' 8, payin' 22 per chicken
There is no competition so I'm makin' my decision
And you gotta come and get 'em, ain't no wings on the pigeons

Come and see me I got everything
I'm talkin' weed, coke and heroine
And I always got it for the low
I always got it for the low
You should see the way I'm lookin man
The way I whip it, way I cook it man
And I always got it for the low
I always got it for the low

[Verse 2]
They just rolled up on my partner put a hole in his pocket
On my momma front porch I was forced to watch it
Seen all sorts of different pills that my daddy was poppin'
He forget where he live until he wake up and vomit
Pretty soon I had to make my pops a part of my profit
Rather see me get it than some other niggas that got it
Now all my cars is foreign, all my bitches exotic
I don't care what you do, just don't play with my product
I got a couple down bitches kept it real, they solid
Keep pounds in they apartment and put 'em through college
My grandma got a garden and I ain't talkin' vegetables
I got my hand on my testicles, nigga

[Hook x2]

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