Young Chris - Who Do You Love [Lyrics/Paroles]

Young Chris - Who Do You Love

Who Do You Love Lyrics / Paroles

Tell the niggas work hard
Stand in the game, hold on my medal
Pedal to the floor, tell the whores get on my level
Stand in the ghetto hold on my medal
Pedal to the floor, tell the whores get on my level
Stand in the ghetto hold on my medal
Pedal to the floor, tell the whores get on my level
I ain't with the fake shit, young nigga probably tell 'em
Gotta run to shop, switch the sheaf every hour
Call 'em like Nino talk last like Pino
Bust and lain it, new gazelle ain't shit the tummy
Brought a limo Calley Nelly new probably tell it
Keep it shit Kelly, I want my spot take two
They don't want to count on to brake thorough
Back to the hit, right back to the street
Flip and sawyer, no new ball we give a showers
Have the chance to death, say so for the cry
We right back to the ghetto my dizzy is right to the title
Rule passing from rapping, go get it all the signs
See more important and money when i retire
All the niggas admiring
Bunching, bunching snake and they crass
And they proud, get that trash you know niggas id fire
Competition is noth
Pose they top and slic, my tongue I kill it all
Damn right and my fucking chick, I'm from a different club
Lot more but they ain't dog
I get it all, spring ball we get the party and we're at here nigga
Snaps shuts and get your pinching head
Ehy you nigga linking, I'll be for a nigga hit 'em
She such a nigga good
Pussy wet is different, should grab you pow well
Just like you stripper , put on my zipper
That's high timper
Is how I doesn't, gonna ball and react the bugget
See create, a plan of haters that gotta love it
Stand up bitch I was recommender
Probably let it with big letters and crack the window
Take the safe it, stay home it ain't see high
Box and middle profit, no way out
They took the gave roll
Fuck boys, fuck boys I get 'em lay out
Young nigga start, ready to take you out
Click, clack pow
Young niggas are just stay wow
Without a gun it was just child
Now he a hitter,he run around, couple shutter and hear a nigga,
Nigga use a dick, either she ain't doing shit
Even it's the motherfucker business, nigga use a witness
Put a nigga test the fucking league, fall for what exist here
And nigga we ain't hurt thou
Get ém all marked up
Push try to pull far we don't know how to push thou

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