Young Dolph - 3 Way

3 Way Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Young Dolph (x2)]

I can trust none of these bitches they too sneaky

You see me with two cups then you know what I'm drinking

Don't fuck with niggas cause they gossip like some bitches

Get rich or die tryin' I think I'm 50

Just texted my plug I think I need a extra 50

My other plug call I clicked him on 3 way

Ay man your bitch call me when her friend on 3 way

They talkin' about let go, woke up and have a threeway

I po'd the drank to muddy now it got me sleepy

Real nigga so I keep real niggas with me

I ain't trippin' throwin' money in Magic City

Fuck that rap shit nigga I been grindin' my city

[Verse 1: Young Dolph]

You don't believe me go and ask the streets of Memphis

My hood full of hustlers sellin' dope for Pimp

70 bands a week and still independent

The coldest nigga out the bitch since Penny Hardaway

Bitch your nigga ain't shit he soft as tissue (pussy)

Don't come over here unless you bring your friend with you

Ain't going in the club if I can't bring in my pistol

I ate yo lil mama in yo crib, you a stupid ass nigga

[Hook: Young Dolph]

[Verse 2: Young Dolph]

Been in a lot of hoods, stuntin' like Baby

Still don't fuck with these niggas cause they slim shady

These bitches ain't loyal heard that from Breezy

On that trap or die shit forreal that's why I fuck with Jeezy

Young nigga with a attitude, that's why I fuck with Eazy

These mad designer I'm rockin', I make it look easy

I can't trust none of these niggas, they gon' tell it

Real friends and fake friends keep them separate

Bad bitches only mediocre, there the way

I met lil mamma yesterday and smashed her yesterday

I don't remember her name but her friend name was Tandria

They call me for the next three days straight

But I didn't answer, fuck them hoes

[Hook: Young Dolph]

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