Young Dolph - Pulled Up (feat. 2 Chainz & Juicy J)

Pulled Up Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1 – Young Dolph]

I don’t get mad, I just get paid

Smelling like a pound, walking in the bank

I been smoking weed, before the 5th grade

This a man’s world, bitch stay in your place

Shitting on your favorite rapper, did it by mistake

Went and got a mansion, went and got a maid

Naw I ain’t got a deal, but I got a Wraith

I call my clientele, I’m sorry for the wait

All these pounds in my traphouse, feel like I’m out of shape

These bitches love me man, I’m drinking muddy man

Drop a four in a ginger ale, it tastes like bubbly man

Young nigga hit a lick now you can’t tell me nothing man

[Hook x2 – Young Dolph]

Pulled up in a Porsche, pulled off in a Wraith

Pulled up in a Porsche, pulled off in a Wraith

Pulled up in a Porsche, pulled off in a Wraith

I saw my old bitch yesterday, you should’ve seen her face

[Verse 2 – 2 Chainz]

Pulled up in a Porsche, that bitch too anemic

Got that Rolls Royce, that bitch too conceited

Then I got them feet, had to get a pedi

Bought Keisha the Audi, you other niggas petty

Bet you ain’t got more money than harmony in heaven

Flat black Chevy, flat black MAC 11

I’m rolling up by the pound, you rolling up by the seven

Walk in the room with the black and white fur

That bitch that look like a panda

I put the slang in the gram, I just might loan your fam

I do this shit for Atlanta, shoot that bitch up with a cannon

All that I want is some Act, whip that shit up with a Fanta

Niggas don’t know how to act

When I pull up, bitches pull out the cameras

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 – Juicy J]

Pulled up in that 911, pulled off in a Wraith

This my second one this year, it still got paper plates

I’m laughing out the lot the way I’m laughing to the bank, ha ha

All you niggas standing in line, you need more food to fill my plate

Swear you pussy niggas sweeter than some crème brulee

I got niggas in the kitchen that’ll razorblade your face

I’m frying chicken in my fucking Wraith, ghetto nigga

Eating Dodger’s chicken in my fucking Wraith

What can I say, greasy fingers

Spill some hot sauce on that leather suede

Ceiling BBQ interior, collard green exterior

All these cars outside I can’t decide which one to drive

And all these hoes outside I can’t decide which one I want inside

[Hook x2]

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