Young Scooter - Dirty Game [paroles]

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Young Scooter - Dirty Game

Paroles: Dirty Game


Gave Yo’ a whole ten and he didn’t deserve it

Gave Emmett 15 and it really hurt me

Gave Trevor [?] and I’m still working

Gave me the life sentence and we still serving

Streets man they really dirty

These streets man they really dirty

These cops man they playin’ it dirty

These snitches out here playin’ it dirty

[Verse 1:]

They gave my brother a dime

And I was right there

In the Fed Building

Felt like he got the chair

He called me from the cab on that same day

I did the 4th double J couldn't find the [?]

Two hundred in the suitcase

Blow fast

For everybody an they lawyer so they can try to wax

Whole fam charged up

Even got my daddy

And my step momma too

They all jolt with trafficking

It hurt me to my heart boy

I swear to God

That nigga gave me anything I wanted boy

Had bro in the same place Meechi at

Yay’ brother died but best believe he cut em fast


[Verse 2:]

Worse charge that ever caught me an’ Lil’ Josh

Tryna keep it real

Charger got the plug and ran off

But that’s ma nigga still

And he a black amigo boss

Right hand snitchin

Nowadays you get triple crossed

They gave Five 55

Nigga ran off in his house

Yo’ got a 10

I sat down and started to think about

Same case I caught with Lil’ Joshy

Helped me burn out

I wish I could help him now

But he can’t find out

He says our childhood friend told him

Know him when he had no clothes

You put some clothes on him

So I put a darker tint on the Range Rover

If you ain’t working with a brick tho

Game over


[Verse 3]

My [?] nigga prayin on em

They fake as hell

Ya’ll might fit a ransom

I get called

I’m making bail

[?] gotta wrote down, went on appeal

Traffickin in Mexico

That shit get real

No Pepsi Coke

Ain’t no lead shots

Emmett at the top

Shootin nuttin but head shots

Standin on the block

Hundred [?] dialin’

That same block

I used to be nickle’ n dimin’

Ain’t no rewind

Betta play yo hand right

They ain’t shit free out here

Betta get yo cheque right

Watch who you serve

We got Fed tight

Do your research nigga

Been silent all my life


[Instrumental track plays to end]