Young Scooter - Pots and Stove (ft. Boosie Badazz) [paroles]

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Young Scooter - Pots and Stove (ft. Boosie Badazz)

Paroles: Pots and Stove

[Hook: Young Scooter]

I'm a real nigga, you can see it in my eyes

Badass young nigga, they like "How he still alive?"

Pots and stoves, yeah them pots and stoves

Pots and stoves, pots and stoves

Pots and stoves, yeah them pots and stoves

Remix the dope on them pots and stoves

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]

Street nigga with 300 thousand worth in gold

Still a dope boy, I get 20 for a show

Stainless steel pots on my stove, my Pyrex explode

It's too much fire to the pot and I can't lose an O

I'm the realest rapper livin' since 2Pac is not alive

And I get caught with a thousand bricks right now and still wouldn't testify

Fork gold, all my pots gold

Dope white, money can't fold

I be in the hood where rappers can't go

Pot check, remix, whip the dope out the bowl

[Hook: Young Scooter]

[Verse 2: Boosie Badazz]

Long nights, long flights, pots and stoves

Microwave king, ding, rock and roll

Two years old, pullin' on daddy's leg over the stove

Gave me that look like "Son, chill", and I saw it in his eyes

That grind look, that "Chill nigga while I cook"

Toodle, Mr. Pot and Stove, get your clip, lock and load

Cousin showed me how to cook, showed me how to whip it

Told me cook your own cause half the time your cook stealin'

Apartment buildin' and I'm feelin' like the people close

Get the light and light the dro, damn, knock at the door

That's Wendy, and she a loyal customer

Give her somethin' extra so she can double up

I'm a real ass nigga

[Hook: Young Scooter]

[Verse 3: Quick]

Let's beat the pot before it get hot

No water, I dry cook it

Straight 'bout it, give me 30 minutes

Make a 9 piece look like a [?]

If you real, you don't say you real cause it's automatically gon' show

Sugar cane thing freeze up, I kept a side of that snow

You see it in my eyes and the way that I move

That I really did move that dope

Do your homework, ask [?] about me

They gon' tell you that I live what I spoke

365, bitch I'm ballin'

24/7, like Instagram, I'm logged in

I'm hot, fresh off the pot and I'm high, I'm high

Hooked up with Scooter, surrounded by shooters

40 Glocks and black Rugers

Real gon' always recognize real

I live by the G code

My money, it don't fold no more

I started off with pots and stoves

I'm gone

[Hook: Young Scooter]