Young Scooter - What I Rap About

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Young Scooter - What I Rap About

Paroles: What I Rap About

[Hook:Young Scooter]

I don't play on beats I'm from the streets
That's how i eat i really do the shit i rap about
(young scooter)
You're favorite rappers a pussy he ain't street
He ain't eat so he don't do the shit he rap about
I don't listen to you nigga's music rap to many lyrics
Count music what i rap about
My judge tryina play me cause my appeal fuckin hatin
Cause this cocaine shit i rap aboout (remix)
Count up x7
Free bandz all i rap about
Finnesin all this bezzin all this hustling and the struggling
You know thats the shit i rap bout

[Verse 1:Young Scooter]
Cocaina diamonds wet like aqua fienda
50 bricks in the speakers
I i i gotta feed my people
You know everything i do illegal
The streets talking like scooter we need you
Cause i rap about the shit that you going through (true story)
And everytime its a drop i come through
Yeah black migo storage jugs house with thousand pounds
Everyday they go in and out i was born in the streets raised
By the og s so the street shit all i rap about

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