Young Thug - OMG (ft. IAMSU) [paroles]

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Young Thug - OMG (ft. IAMSU)

Paroles: OMG (ft. IAMSU)

[Produced by C4 & P-Lo]

[Hook: Young Thug]
I don't mean to barge you
But can you please call my lawyer?
I'm like oh my God, yeah
I'm like oh my God, yeah
And I seen her from afar
She ain't never got to wor'
I'm like oh my God, yeah
I'm like oh my God, yeah

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Oh my God, you got me hard, I'ma listen to you, iPod
Be with me, turn you to God, STD, I run my ward
It smell good, I'ma put it on my lip
Treat me like your baby, let me put it on your hip
I won't tell nobody, had to tell you all to rip
Cut my mouth off, put it in a Ziploc bag and zip
I wanna see your face, baby please take your shades off
I don't wanna go back and forth like a seesaw
I just wanna fuck and make your bell ring, ding dong
Foreign, foreign, foreign, Japanese, French, Hong Kong


[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Collect phone call, all these bitches wanna fuck
Baby, I'll buy you a whole lot of fish like True
Got a whole lot of foreign bitches, they look just like dudes
I'm a real old school nigga, I just wanna roll
Presidential bitches, knock 'em down like I'm bowling
My lil woadie got the best out, he deserve a trophy
I'ma show her, ain't no concert, you know I'ma show up
Check the pulse, check the motion, Rolie Polie, Olie Olie
C4 on the beat, C4 got a freak
Thugger got a Jeep, no doors on that bitch
Stuff those hoes inside of it, put them hoes on me
You ain't got a beat, MTV jam of the week


[Verse 3: IamSu!]
Aye, $uzy in the place
Low profile, she ain't knowin' where I stay
Long afro, hair fallin' in the face
It's only one me but baby you could get replaced, great
And it's Rich City by the way
Everybody make it, homie, that's how we was raised
Hoes in the Bay, hoes in LA
Every bad bitch reppin' HBK
Aye, aye, P-Lo on the beat, C4 on the beat
She don't let me cut, I bet her number get delete-ed
Wavy like I'm sea sick, hella hoes like Freaknik
Go ahead and tell Young Thugger run it when the beat end