Paroles: My Window

Lyrics from Snippet

[NBA YoungBoy]
I been smokin' on the best right now
Believe that
I can vouch for that, I go big money on that

They will call money, I ain't lyin'
My mama said I did it, on God, stop playin' with me
He can't clap at gangs, so see that fire
Shawty, I ain't pay for no tunes, I been playin' her keys
In jail, you better pray for me
Goin' hard like I done did thirty years
Trial life, went through our beats
Made it out still, tryna get thirty kills
Alright, but life was hard, grew up, got smart
But still gon' murder, still
I be countin' money 'til they throw up in a pill
I be where it's grimey, steady keepin' it real
Eyes out my window
Tryna make sure that these niggas don't get one in, though
I'm inside this bitch with extendos
No love, no loss so, can't depend on niggas
Rich lifestyle left my head cold
The fuck you think I'm tryna win for?
And it's so much some more
My momma she knew that [?]
I'm collectin' them dollars, investin' in slangin'
Therefor I'm leadin'
[?] murder man
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