Zesau - Rude Boys [Lyrics/Paroles]

Zesau - Rude Boys

Rude Boys Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Ted Leo]
Times like these when a neck looks for a knife
Wrist for a razor, a heart is longing for bullets
Tension is high under sea and over sky
Pressure drop, people are acting foolish

Ooh, but it's easy to see!
Ooh, we could dance and be free
Ooh, to that 2-tone beat
But it looks like it's gone, gone, gone

[Verse 2]
Gangsters and clowns with a stereotyped sound
It's coming like a ghost town, someone always knew it
Hatred and shame, a racialist game
Cycles of blame, someone sang this through it


[Verse 3] (x2)
I asked Jerry, he told Terry
Terry sang a song just for me
Lynvall gave a message to me
Rhoda screamed and she asked me
"Where have all the rude boys gone?"

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