Zion I - Danger Zone (ft. 1-O.A.K.) [paroles]

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Zion I - Danger Zone (ft. 1-O.A.K.)

Paroles: Danger Zone

Ain’t nothing been changed, killer
We still gripping on grains, killer
Fast life too strange, killer
Had to slow down to maintain, killer
Got dreams, we the same, killer
I’m saying everybody need change, killer
Think smart, use your brains, killer
They’re doing everything to kill you
Sit down and get thanks, thriller
Conquering line like a killer
Monday, case break, filler
Try to spray love all day, filler
Straight out that gate, filler
Been the whole day on faith, riller
Waste too much time with the face lines,
T.O.D. and the place time
Skype me in
I be on these kites like lightning
At it again, let me go in
I’m high on shit, oxygen
Where the G’s at? Where the queens at?
It’s for the people, can’t believe that
Straight out blessed, I torn my breast to pull put my chest


I’m in the danger zone
And I believe you all
I in the danger zone
The life will lead you on!

So now the danger’s on
I gotta take this one
All the danger’s on
But I’mma lead us on

Still the same OG
Fellas, sisters, shine on me!
Fella, tattoo on lane, fella
Is she putting on my team? Fella
Shorty look fly, bella
Darn, I tell no lie, ella
Can’t say I’m about to eat ten
I put the verbs on the imprint,
Hit ten, call them pops,
You’re a cool guy, don’t like the law
Make them, I’mma break amends,
Brother, in my life many causes in
Better take and elate the light there
Pretty soon you be taking flight in
And that’s all of y’all
To the eerie heights of Cohenen’s bar