Lloyd Banks - Fell In Love [son]

Lloyd Banks - Fell In Love

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Lloyd Banks
Fell In Love
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Lloyd Banks nous dévoile le titre de son morceau intitulé "Fell In Love" à visionner sur HipHop Spirit.

"Fell In Love" extrait du projet "The Course of the Inevitable 2"

Le titre "Fell In Love" est extrait de l'album de "Lloyd Banks" intitulé "THE COURSE OF THE INEVITABLE 2" la date de sortie de "The Course of the Inevitable 2" est prévue pour le 11 juillet of 2022, dont la tracklist et les lyrics sont disponible ici: TRACKLIST et PAROLES de The Course of the Inevitable 2.

The Course of the Inevitable 2 Cover

Passage des paroles "Fell In Love"

[Verse 1]
Big dawg, clear the roof for the summer
I done took off long enough, coming back to do my number
Hit the bridge, pretty face, shitty attitude [?]
Get the cake, fifty states, automatic motherfucker
I crossed over, big shots, my form better (Uh-huh)
I wake up thinking fly shit, all weather (Uh)
Foe? Never, nigga, you should know better

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Listen to the single “Fell In Love". Out Now! Stream: https://music.empi.re/fellinlove #LloydBanks #FellInLove #EMPIRE Official Visualizer by Lloyd Banks - "Fell In Love" © 2022 Money By Any Means Inc. / EMPIRE

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