Pour Migos 50 Cent est le nouveau Biggie et Tupac

Par  |  il y a 2 ans  |  Artiste : Migos

Migos talk 50 Cent for XXL Magazine’s 20th anniversary issue.

On what 50 Cent means to rap music after 20 years.

I think 50 Cent brought a lot of gangsta shit to hip-hop. He made it more acceptable. I heard it was scaring the officers and all that. But they had to accept it, he had the hits. Especially for our generation. You know everybody say Pac and Biggie, that’s the same situation for our generation.

Why 50 Cent is the Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. of your generation.

Yeah, I’ll give that to the OG. He made it through, kept going. Gone to corporate. Who knows if Pac was alive, which lane he would’ve switched over to. It’s only right, he doing the same thing. Pac was doing movies, 50’s doing movies. Same thing.



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